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[Need Help] Get values of text file from website

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Hi guys,

I'm just a very beginner in coding. I would like to do the following tasks.

I have a text file named "list.txt" which is located in http://demo.com/list.txt

The content of the text file is:

person_a, 100

person_b, 200

person_c, 300

In my script, I have a variable named: $person = "person_b".

Is there anyway I can check if "person_b" exists in the "list.txt" file? And if it exists, how can I get the number next to it (which is 200)?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Download the file using


use _FileReadToArray (you need all parameters)

sort the file using _ArraySort (only needed if you want the next higher number)

serch for the person using _ArraySearch

the returned index+1 is the person you want.

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