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Would it be possible to use AutoIT for this time consuming task?

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I going to have to be creating at a minimum 20 forms that will be for our AS400 label printing software. The form designer is called FormDocs Designer, but allows for VB scripting.

As seen below the form is a template that gets merged with data from our AS400 and then printed. There are labels, each with 6  boxes in which the name of the box will be used to populate its data via an AS400 application.

Is it possible to fill out the first 6 field names( The first top left box name will be C01_R01_Style, the 2nd box to the right of it will be C01_R01_ID) then copy and paste their layout and style on top of all the other label columns and rows, have a script move over to the next 6 and name each in a incremented and similar fashion (C02_R01_Style, C02_R01_ID, and then of course the next row would be C01_R02_Style), etc until it gets to the end, so that each field has a unique name based on its column and row? Otherwise I have to manually name each one for the 20 current labels, and then the many other new ones coming.

If it is possible, how can I go about doing this? If someone knows of a similar script that I can modify somehow I would really appreciate it!

(It would also be perfectly fine for me to make all the names before hand in a spreadsheet if that is easier and just have them in order as per the other images below, so that the script can just go to the next field and name it as long as it knows somehow what order to tab to the next field, or if I know which one it will tab to and can order them appropriately.)





i.stack.imgur.com UZ0qE.jpg

i.stack.imgur.com JfCi4.png

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