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IE and IE add-in

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 Hi Guys,

I have and autoit exe file that i want to be executed every time IE is opened. How can i accomplish this ?

The exe file automates website data. I want to be sure that the exe file is executed every time IE is Opened automatcally.

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As there is no guidance , i decided to try to create a IE BHO with visual studio in C++.  Final product will be a DLL that is registered into a IE Add-in.
As my C++ is practically missing , any help is much appreciated.
 Here is the base i am using:


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I am almost ready , but i cant fix a small bump and i cant figure out why - it should be very easy but still it doesnt work. I use this to start up notepad for test purposes:

CreateProcess(TEXT("C:\\windows\\notepad.exe"), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &si, &pi);

Which works great. But later on i cant close this. I tried :

PostMessage(pi.hProcess, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0);
PostThreadMessage(pi.dwThreadId, WM_CLOSE, ...
TerminateProcess(pi.hProcess, 0)

Nothing works. I put a msgbox just before to verify it is executed - the msgbox appears. Any idea why this happens ? I know it is C++ code , but it is related to AutoIT script and i know there are people here who know a lot of C++ :)

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I want when a page is open in IE - lets say "google.com" , the script to start and automate things. Ideally the script should be closed if the IE page is not opened. I dont want to start the script manually and the script to start the IE. I want ideally the other way around - IE to start the script. The closest thing to that is a master script running all the time as service and monitoring IE pages, so i have decided to go that way.

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