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Automation with Window Controls

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I'm having a problem with automating a specific program.  Before, I've been doing this:


But I also want to send input when the window is inactive or minimized.  So I found this:

ControlSend("Application Name","","[CLASS:CLASSNAME]","Input")

Works fine for notepad.  However, the AutoIt Window Spy Tool doesn't give any control info. If I use ControlSend without controlID info then it only works when the window is active.  What can I do if there is no control info?

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Ideas are not that difficult ;-) but guessing what kind of application makes life difficult.

1. Do not minimize

2. Maximize and move it to second screen or 2nd desktop or virtual screendriver

3. Move window to corner so although window is there you can set values

4. Run it in a minimized virtual pc

Making screenshots of minimized windows is impossible unless the AUT has functions for it to print on a devicecontext.

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