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Autoit script takes long to complete execution

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I am facing an issue while running the script which I have created for sending files from client to server using a web service hosted on the server.

Issue description:

1. It takes long time to send a file which is more than 500 kb. 

2. The logic of sending the file : it coverts the file content into byte array and send it. But converting large data into binary array takes long time. I have written below code for creating a byte array.

Local $String_Bytedata = "["
    ;For $io = 0 To BinaryLen($sFileRead)
    ;    $byteData[$io] = DllStructGetData($File_struct, "File", $io+1)

    ;    If ($io=0) Then

        ;    $String_Bytedata = $String_Bytedata & $byteData[$io]
    ;    $String_Bytedata = $String_Bytedata & "," & $byteData[$io]
    ;    EndIf
    ;$String_Bytedata = $String_Bytedata & "]"


So at the end I am getting the byte array in below format [49,50,47,48,56,47,50,48,49,53,10].


Please help if there is another way available for converting it into byte array.



1. For small files the script uploads file in a second.

2. c# exe takes few seconds to upload a file. But this exe will not be able to work in winpe environment.




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