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add-appxprovisionedpackage command

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Hello everybody.  So I am trying to add a custom windows app that was developed by the company I work for to an offline Windows image file that I captured for operating system deployments using add-appxprovisionedpackage powershell command.  However, the command is failing, nd telling to refer to "the help" (not a typo on my part, it seriously says that).  As a result, I have been trying a bunch of trial and error scenarios to see what works vs what does not.  Let me say this up front, the app DOES actually install, when the powershell script that was created by visual studio when the app package was compiled is run, but this installs the app on a "per user" basis, basically meaning that attempting to run sysprep afterwards will result in sysprep failing until the app is uninstalled.  Here is the interesting part, windows imaging and configuration designer, I am able to create a provisioned package at run time that successfully installs the app.  The only aspect the is different when creating the provisioned package vs using the powershell command is "dependency packages": the app has a total of 4 dependency packages, and the WICD configuration allows you to import as many dependency packages as you want.  However, when using the powershell command, dependency packages are specified by using the "-dependencypackage" parameter and the dependency package full path, and it might just be my inexperience with powershell, but I am not sure if it is even possible to specify multiple files for a single paramerter.  Is there a delimiter which will allow me to pass all 4 dependency packages to the aforementioned parameter?  Any advice would be appreciated.  For a little extra insight, I attached the powershell script that visual studio generated when the package was built.


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