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ControlClick not working

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I recently learned about Control functions and I'm trying to put them to use on Paint.

However i have a problem with ControlClick : it doesn't work when Paint is inactive (minimized or not on top)

Here is what I'm doing

ControlClick( WinGetHandle( "Untitled" ), "", "", "Left", 1, 500, 500 )

It works if Paint is active, it draws a dot at 500,500 even though my mouse is somewhere else. However, it does not work when the window is inactive.

Am I missing something ? I searched for a while and tried #RequiredAdmin which did nothing more, and _MouseClickPlus from another member which doesn't work at all.

Is there any other way to send a mouse click to an inactive window knowing its handle ?

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15 minutes ago, Trong said:
WinActivate("Untitled - Paint")


This activates the window. I am trying to do the same thing while being on another window.

On most examples I've seen, they leave controlID empty and it works.


I tried using _WinAPI_GetDlgCtrlID() to get the controlID. Doesn't work either.

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Found the same problem, had to activate the window before using ControlClick().

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