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ADODB closing of result set objects?

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So I've seen a lot of code on here where people open result set objects, but no one ever seems to explicitly close them. Does this mean something is closing them for me automagically? If so, I'd like to know when this occurs: Never, are they leaking? When the variable loses scope? When the script exits? Something else?


Example taken from another post:

$ado = ObjCreate( "ADODB.Connection" )
$ado.Open( "DSN=zeco" )
$adors = ObjCreate( "ADODB.RecordSet" )
$adors.Open( "SELECT name FROM test", $ado )
While not $adors.EOF
    MsgBox(0, "Result", "Name = " & $adors.Fields("name").Value )
;  who closes $adors ??
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