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WinMove and RemoteApp issue

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welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

the local display of the remote system is only a video of what's happening, no windows or controls can be interacted with directly.

best solution: run your script on the remote system.

EDIT: here is a good forum discussion covering RDP aspects, caveats and options of resolution.

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@orbs, thanks for your answer.

I know what rdp it is only "video" and i do not want myscript interact with content of RemoteApp (rdp) window, but I just want to move RemoteApp window via Autoit as it was local window...

If i do it manualy with mouse - all ok, but when i do it via Autoit function WinMove, window (RemoteApp) stops draw anything inside itself and stops responde to any input events (mouse ok keyboadr) as it freezes!

$hwnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:RAIL_WINDOW;TITLE:Notepad]")
WinMove($hwnd, "", 0, 0, 150, 150)

If I click manualy on RemoteApp icon in taskbar after, window (moved by WinMove) disappears and appears on the old position and unfreeze (draw content and responde on input events correctly).
Very strange behaviour of WinMove, or may be I do something wrong? 

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