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ControlClick on Mute

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Hi All,

Trying to ControlClick on the mute icon in the attached "Call Window" image. The caller at the time was "Unknown", however the title is usually the phone number of the call (eg, 0788887777) or the name of the address book contact (eg, Joe Bloggs), ie it varies with every call.

The issue I'm having is that the main program window uses the same class as the call windows, so I can't use that to reference the call window. Both windows use the same exe in the processes as well, so can't use that for reference. I'm also learning ControlClick() atm, so am not sure if I can even use it to click the mute icon?

Can you see a simple way of getting a handle on the call window so I can reference it in ControlClick()? I can only think of getting all the window details through WinList(), cycling through the array until I find the class name that does not have "UC-One" as it's title, then getting it's handle to use in ControlClick()! Running that every 200ms doesn't sound v efficient to me. I guess I could have it run every 2 or 3 seconds until the call window is detected and will then run through a loop every 200ms which doesn't include the above WinList().

Appreciate any suggestions!
Screenshots and Window Info attached.


Call Window.jpg


Call Window - Window Info.txt

Main Program - Window Info.txt

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You can ignore this question, I've noted that the soft phone has a mute button built into the main app which has a consistent title.

I've created a related forum post here:


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