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Basic Windows Update tool

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I know there are tons of tools that do Windows updates. I just created a very basic one that reads an ini file that specifies the location of them and runs each one with "/passive /norestart" at the end.

Does anyone know of a script that can download all the updates pertaning to Windows XP Pro? I've found a VB script on MS that is suppose to download them and run the udpates but of course now I can't find it.. B) Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Here's the code if anyone is interested as well. Nothing special of course.

$updatelocation = iniRead("UpdateTool.ini","CONFIG","updatelocation","")
$search = FileFindFirstFile($updatelocation & "*.exe")  

If $search = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "No files/directories matched the search pattern")
While 1
    $file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
    If @error Then ExitLoop
   ;MsgBox(4096, "File:", $file)
    TrayTip("Installing", $file,5,1)
    RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & $file & " /passive /norestart","",@SW_HIDE)

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