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Unable to perform ControlClick on WebElement

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I want to perform Controlclick on flash object in web application following is the information of the control:

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    MediaBin - Google Chrome
Class:    Chrome_WidgetWin_1
Position:    -4, -4
Size:    1928, 1044
Style:    0x17CF0000
ExStyle:    0x00000100
Handle:    0x00000000009D0216

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:    Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND
Instance:    2
ClassnameNN:    Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND2
Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND; INSTANCE:2]
ID:    113663152
Text:    Chrome Legacy Window
Position:    0, 61
Size:    1920, 975
ControlClick Coords:    1104, 31
Style:    0x56300000
ExStyle:    0x00000020
Handle:    0x00000000002A0424

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position:    1104, 92
Cursor ID:    0
Color:    0xCEE3FF

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<
Chrome Legacy Window

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<
Chrome Legacy Window


And I am using the following script:

WinWait("MediaBin - Google Chrome")

WinWaitActive("MediaBin - Google Chrome")


ControlClick("MediaBin - Google Chrome","Chrome Legacy Window",113663152,1,1104,31)

so when I am executing the above script nothing is happening and i am getting following console output:

>"C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\AutoIt3.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\AutoIt3Wrapper\AutoIt3Wrapper.au3" /run /prod /ErrorStdOut /in "W:\autoit\clickSelectFiles.au3" /UserParams    
+>09:35:37 Starting AutoIt3Wrapper v.16.306.1237.0 SciTE v.   Keyboard:00020409  OS:WIN_2008R2/Service Pack 1  CPU:X64 OS:X64  Environment(Language:0409)  CodePage:0  utf8.auto.check:4    # detect ascii high characters and if none found set default encoding to UTF8 and do not add BOM
+>         SciTEDir => C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE   UserDir => C:\Users\ssakamur\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\SciTE\AutoIt3Wrapper   SCITE_USERHOME => C:\Users\ssakamur\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\SciTE 
>Running AU3Check (  from:C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3  input:W:\autoit\clickSelectFiles.au3
+>09:35:38 AU3Check ended.rc:0
>Running:(\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\autoit3.exe "W:\autoit\clickSelectFiles.au3"    
--> Press Ctrl+Alt+Break to Restart or Ctrl+Break to Stop


I am completely new in this AutoIT development . please kindly help me. 



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There is a Chrome.au3 (by seangriffin) available. Automate the most common tasks in Chrome with the Chrome UDF.

Please use the code-tag ("<>"-Icon) next  time, when posting code.

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