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Edit Inputbox Input options ?

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I need 5 Windows one after the next with Ok and Cancel Button.

3 With the normal InputBox Function and 1 with Button and the other one with a Combobox..


I tried to do those with guis and make it that when you typed in or selected something that it changes to next but the button didn't worked after first click anymore then and when i said if 2 values of combobox get chosen it will skip the last inputbox..


Didnt worked well and got very messy. 


Is there a way to edit InputBoxes so there is a Button or a Combobox in one ? :/

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@Sturmi welcome to the forum. Why don't you post what you tried, even though it isn't working as you would like it? That will help us help you ;)

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Already deleted it again since it went to a total mess. Basically what I did where i used the auto it multi gui example and made for every pop up window an new gui. And you where able to go from one into the next one and at the end back into the main gui. But also Button didnt responded the second time then since i think the case thinks its still running through function. 

I will try it tomorrow again.

Main GUI Button -> 1 popup , button click -> 2 popup, button click -> third popup ->... and after fith it should close and back to main gui. All guis got GUIDelete after opening the next one. Sorry for not providing a script. I'll do tomorrow

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