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I am trying to click this link into a website, this link changes depens on the name I input, in this cas the name is "DESPEGAR", but if I changed it'd be different, because it doesn't have a name to call it using IEFormGetCollection and the _IEFormSubmit, I am not how to click it.


the following is how it looks in html, "DESPEGAR" was the name I shearched, now I want to click it. Note: when I look for a different one, for excample "CARLOS", the href changes, the id=" " changes as well and the  span would be  like this <span> CARLOS</span>, THIS IS THE ONLY PART THAT IS THE SAME "<a class="internal-link"

<a class="internal-link" id="id1b9c" href="./customersAccessList?24-2.ILinkListener-tableContainer-pageable-1-companyNameLink">
<span> DESPEGAR </span>


thank you very much

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