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Memory Reading

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#1 ·  Posted (edited)

By searching Starcraft's Memory (using ArtMoney) i found this:

Address | Value | Type

1903EE70 | the-imperator | Text 13 bytes

Searching the forum i found the Memory udf..

in that one i found this example:

$v_Open = _MemOpen($MEM_R, False, ProcessExists('winmine.exe'))
$v_Read = _MemRead($v_Open, 0x1005330, 1)
$v_Close = _MemClose($v_Open)

ConsoleWrite('$v_Open:  ' & $v_Open & @LF)
ConsoleWrite('$v_Read:  ' & $v_Read & @LF)
ConsoleWrite('$v_Close: ' & $v_Open & @CRLF)[

No i have no clue how to convert my adress (1903EE70) and what especially i should do.

I tried this, but it gave no result (0).

$v_Open = _MemOpen($MEM_R, False, ProcessExists('starcraft.exe'))
$v_Read = _MemRead($v_Open, 0x419688048, 13)
$v_Close = _MemClose($v_Open)

Im really bad at memory-management and i have no clue.

If anybody can help me pls do so.


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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

if your adress is 1903EE70 your autoit value would be 0x1903EE70 B)

and use

its newer :o

(actually i think my code is bugged since the array struct just looks weird, but i wouldnt know, since i also know nothing about memory reading)

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