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Help with ControlListView command

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In HP driver installs I have the below window that lists all found printers.  I want AutoIt to click on a line if it finds the correct MAC address and then click the Next button.  User "orbs" graciously pointed me to the ControlListView command to do this but I have found the documentation on this command a bit lacking and need some clarification.

In trying to experiment with the command, it seems like I almost need nested ControlListView commands to feed the result of the FindItem control to the Select control like so:

ControlListView ( "HP Officejet Pro 8600", "", 2001, "Select", ControlListView ( "HP Officejet Pro 8600", "", 2001, "FindItem", "8851FB150E26",3))

Tried this in my script and it didn't work...and it crashed the HP installer.  :(  So...

1) What does the last field in FindItem declare as it isn't documented well?  The documentation says SubItem, which the documentation also declares to be a column value, so does this allow you to tell the FindItem control to only look in a certain column in the table ? (In my above example I put a 3 as I want it to look in column 3, the MAC address column)

2) For the Select control it has two parameters called From and To; are these numerical markers for the table grid or are they text strings?  How do I declare what item for the Select command to, er, select?

Just a little lost on the syntax here as the documentation is a bit...vague.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Illustrated.jpg

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i've never used ControlListView before, so here is what i did:

opened the example for GuiCtrlCreateListView(), compiled it to exe, run it. now i have a well-known GUI with a listview that i can work with:


then i used this command:

ControlListView('listview items', '', 'SysListView321', 'Select', 1)

the result:


the index for the Select command is zero-based, i.e. index 0 means the 1st item, index 1 is the 2nd item.

the index for subitem is also zero-based. "item" means row, "subitem" means column. this is mentioned in the help for ControlListView().

read the help carefully, and you are ready to take it from here.


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