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Running autoit script as .exe for automation testing

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Hi Team, I have been able to upload a file through my local system using autoit script (.exe) file, here the file name(to be uploaded during the test is run) is passed as an argument to my java code which is then concatenated and then pass the whole path including the file name as an argument CmdLine[1] to the autoit executable file which successfully uploads the file.

But when I try to run the same test suite from other system using my server it is not able to execute and upload, although the path of the file is getting detected and prints in my console. We are using selenium for the automation, it seems that the script cannot be run in client-server mode.

1st Try: I have kept the file to be uploaded in my local system : Uploaded Successfully

2nd Try: Kept file in node system: Failed to upload

3rd Try: Kept file in my local system, and run the script from the node system: Failed to upload

Please advice, if this is possible and if yes what am I missing? Mine is windows 7 system and same for the node too.

Thank You!

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