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We recently suffered a pretty severe server crash on one of our linux machines (Fedora Core 5), which has resulted in a lot of corruption of data, unfortunately the mysql database is amongst the data which has been lost.
While we were able to get the server to boot, mysql still refuses to load. The server still produces a lot of errors on startup, so I have created a new server (Ubuntu 8.10) and copied the mysql directory across to this - but again mysql will not start.
Attached is a dump of the errors shown when running "mysqld --verbose", with the innodb_force_recovery=6 option .
Sometimes while running this check, it will pass the sanity check, while other times it will fail.
I have found plenty of articles on how to recover from a crash, but all assume that you can actually get mysql to start - which is not the case here. Additionally i have tried all innodb_force_recovery options, from 1-8, and none of them allow mysql to start.
Can anyone advise on how to go about recovering the data? If I browse the ibdata1 file I can see most of the data (there appear to be a few rows missing). Are there any tools that can read the ibdata1 file and extract data row by row?
All help greatly appreciated - as I am starting to fail my sanity check!

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I am sure somebody will jump in here soon to promote that miracle product solving all you troubles... lets see how long that takes.


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Please do not bother to reply to this - it is a good example of an "astroturf" thread, the like of which we get now and again. We just wait a few days until another first-time poster appears with a possible solution (which just happens to include embedded links to their software) and then we can ban them both.


Edit: I see Jos had the same thoughts!

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Thank you guys for your feedback and help. Sorry, that long time did not respond. This is because the issue was solved and I forgot to tell.) Thank you!

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