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Ned help Masking passwords in Edit CTRL

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Okay, for starters im not new to this, but im buggered if i can get it to work...

Need to mask characters in an Edit control

Tried combinations of everything, including the following:

GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 160, 150, 200, 20,$SS_SUNKEN,$ES_PASSWORD)
GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 160, 150, 200, 20,$ES_PASSWORD)

So far no luck

Any ideas?

p.s. tried using AutoITstable and beta

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GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 160, 150, 200, 20, $SS_SUNKEN + $ES_PASSWORD)

Not sure sunken works for edits but this is what you need. I've never heard of a sunken edit box.

When im designing GUI's i by default have it set to add $SS_SUNKEN, it helps when nudging stuff around, on most controls it helps show outlines, but on Edit boxes doesnt really help, its just an automated thing i use.

In other news, no go on the masking, i have already tried every combination i could, including the one you have posted. Everyway i try it i get:

Posted Image

Ive written about 1500 lines of script, using arrays, ini read/writes and far trickier stuff, and this is the only bug in the script B)

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Try changing the edit into an Input box.

I knew the answer would be simple...need sleep.

I guess i got stuck on the editbox creation and figured it should just bloody work,

since at script startup it reads in the stored password from an ini file.

I just wanted to mask the password.

Your answer is far more sane, what does that say about me....need sleep

Thanks mate

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GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 160, 150, 200, 20, $SS_SUNKEN + $ES_PASSWORD)

Psttt B)

$SS_SUNKEN + $ES_PASSWORD or BitOr($SS_SUNKEN, $ES_PASSWORD ? (Not that the $SS_SUNKEN, makes a difference in this case or $ES_PASSWORD for that matter)

I know the helpfile gives the example of "+" ... but :o

I was going to suggest the input box, but thought he/she had a specific need for the edit box... would be interesting to see if you could use password chars, rather than having to covert them to Hex instead to achieve this kind of out put from an edit box.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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