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compare contents of files in 2 diffrent folders

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first, report your thread and ask a mod to move it where it belongs - the General Help and Support forum.

second, think: if you were a script, how would you do it...?

right! first list all the files in both folders into two arrays, then compare the arrays. this should give you an overview on which files exist on this folder and not the other.

then extend your script: while listing the files, record their modify time. this will enable you to see which files were modified.

and if you really must, you can read the content of the files to see where a change of contents exists.

now try scripting it. hint: google "autoit list files in folder" is a good starting point.

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DateDuration -  literal description of the difference between given dates


Touch - set the "modified" timestamp of a file to current time

Show For Files - tray menu to show/hide files extensions, hidden & system files, and selection checkboxes

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19 hours ago, pk7272 said:

I have 2 folders :- Folder A and Folder B,

Is there a way to compare the contents of the files present inside them ..


yes, use _FileListToArray() for each folder then loop through one another to compare the values/fileName in each array. Is a nice project to learn AutoIt.

Follow the link to my code contribution ( and other things too ).
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