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Disabling MS msg "Margins are pretty small..." - Newbie help

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Hi there, total newbie here. I hope I'm following protocol by posting this here... I've read through the forums and watched tutorials, but still am at a loss.

I'm running O365 on W7. I often get the message "Your margins are pretty small. Some of the content you print may be cut off." I would like to completely disable this message from ever popping up. If that's not possible, can I create a script to auto click "Yes" telling it to print anyway?

As a newbie, I'm not very familiar with how to use AutoIt. I have learned how to do very basic commands (via tutorials), but don't know 1) how to do anything overly sophisticated, and 2) how to have the script always run within another program (such as Word). Any step-by-step details and small words are appreciated. :)


Margins Small.png

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