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Autoit capabilities

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I'm new to this tool. I have written a few script and found this tool is working well.

However below few points which I need information

Parallel Execution - Can it execute 2 automation scripts at the same time
Simultaneous Execution - Can it execute while another automation tool is executing like xbrid
System State - Can it execute when the system is locked
Window State - Can it execute when the application window is minimized
Window State - Can it execute when the window is moved or the controls are moved around
Can it execute if no mouse attached and no monitor attached

Appreciate and thanks in advance for your help.





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@RamPalav in answer to your questions:

  • Parallel Execution - AutoIt is single threaded, but if you launch two scripts they will operate independently of one another.
  • Simultaneous Execution - Yes, AutoIt can run while a third party tool is running.
  • System State & Window State:
    • Depending on how you code your script, the answer to these is yes. If you're using the Control commands (ControlClick, ControlSend, etc.) then it won't matter the state of the window.
    • Moving the controls about should not matter, as long as the control ID you're referencing isn't changed.
  • Monitor - In general the answer is no, you do not need a monitor attached. However, this is again going to depend heavily on what you are coding. If you are referencing screen resolution, or trying to manipulate a GUI based on screen coords, it is not going to work well for you.

I would suggest reading through the help file, as well as the forum, and trying out some of the many example scripts found therein. If you have a specific task you're looking to accomplish, please post in detail what you are trying to do and we will do our best to assist :)


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