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Why will this not Send("{8}"), it will click left click just fine but, I would rather it Send("{8}"). If I comment out ;Send("{8}") and uncomment LC($pixels[0],$pixels[1]) it works perfectly

LC is a Left Click function I have made and it works just fine

Thank you

func _SummonPets()

      Global $Pets = False

      $pixels = PixelSearch(1780,1407,1782,1409,0x295219,1)

      if NOT(@error) Then
         GUICtrlSetData($CastPet, "Pets")



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Which program are you automating that has Pets that you can Cast? (Maybe it would be good to read our forum rules first.)
What exactly do you want to send? an 8 or the 3 characters "{8}"? 


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