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How can I embed fonts within my script?

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My GUI app uses some open source/free fonts that aren't commonly found in other user's systems. I'd like to embed them into my compiled script, much like an image file converted by binary by tools such as BinaryToAu3Kompressor.exe, so that when I distribute my app, I don't have to include font files and the like but only the executable.

Is there an AutoIt-recommended procedure for doing this?  I suppose I could use BinaryToAu3Kompressor.exe on the TTF. files or whatever, but I'm not sure that will work correctly.

Once I have the fonts I need in binary format, I plan to use one of the _WinApi or GDI+ funcs to re-substantiate the binary data into a working font structure...

I'm eager to hear your advice and recommendations.


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Look at the section " Display Font from Memory: " how to load a TTF from memory.

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i once had to to that, i included the fonts in the distributable, but i could have easily used FileInstall. at run time i used _WinAPI_AddFontResourceEx to load the font for use. seems to be the simplest approach for me.

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