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I have a compiled application that I am tasked with automating.  My customer's software of choice is LabVIEW.  I need to extract data from the compiled code and get it into my LabVIEW app.  I have already written the script necessary to read all of the data required from the compiled program and then I populate an array with the results.  The array is not necessary, just convenient.  I am stuck at the point where I want to get that data out of my Autoit script and into my LabVIEW app.  The only way I've been able to come up with through searches is to write it to a temporary file on the PC (kind of clunky).  All programs are running on the same machine.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide!!

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So, for those of us who have never used lab view and don't know the user interface, what kind of problem are you running into?  Is it that the controls are not distinct?  Is it that the function to input the data isn't working?  Do you have any code to show that can give us an indicator as to what you have tried?

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