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New Pixel Reading Questions.

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Here is what I'm attempting to put together, any beneficial information will be highly appreciated.


I'm simply attempting to do the following.

Click and hold for a short time.

PixelChecksum or something of the sort.

The pixels that I am reading are sort of transparent so colors behind may change, I need to be thorough and checksum is being quite sensitive with the transparent colors.

It's a fishing game, I want to find out when it's time to strike and than fight the fish by making a noise so I can tab back into the game while I'm working. (I work from home, don't judge me)


Here's what I've been testing, thanks in advanced. I'll also provide screenshots so that you may understand what the bobber looks like.

The first photo is a simulation of when a fish would be ready to hook (When I want the computer to beep at me).

Keep in mind that the blue bars on the stress meters would NOT be there under normal circumstances, this was forced by me to pull the bobber down, or I would use those pixels instead.

The bobber in the water moves constantly and I've no intentions on trying to follow it as I'm quite new to using Auto-it. (I've only followed the tutorials I thought needed.


There are probably quite a few lines that are unnecessary that came with a tutorial I followed, please let me know.


Thank you in advance!





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@DirectEx, as Danp2 mentioned, you seemed to have missed the great big sign that says Forum Rules on your way in. I would suggest you read them now, particularly the part about game automation, to see why this thread is locked.

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