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How to get all textbox in website

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sorry my english, i use translate

i'm newbie 

I wrote the first web application to access log and I want it to automatically login to the site when loaded
I only know how to use
access to that site
currently there are few problems
- I want to set a value for the textbox in the site
- I want to open a page in the Chrome incognito mode
this is the site that http://vuadotkich.myvnc.com/Account/Login

I have read through the first few examples they can get objbyname say but I did not even know the other 3 sites I need to get textbox called what

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using F12 while Chrome is running  at url:http://vuadotkich.myvnc.com

<input class="form_control minwidth" id="UserName" type="text" placeholder="Tên tài kho?n">
<input class="form_control minwidth" id="Password" type="password" placeholder="M?t kh?u">
<input class="form_control phonenumber" id="Scode" type="text" placeholder="Mã xác nh?n">
<input class="btn_register" id="BtnLogin" type="submit" value="Ðang Nh?p">
<a class="btn_loginNow2" href="/Account"> Ðang Ký </a>
For more information about automating chrome look here


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