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[Solved] Need help using Firefox on this forum

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Never mind!  Apparently the problems with Firefox I was experiencing were due to an incorrect User Agent string.  Things seem to be working correctly now...


Whenever I try to use Firefox (under 64-bit Windows 7 Pro) to fully utilize the AutoIt Help fora, I find that several things simply don't work. For example, the "Expand" and "Popup" buttons next to posted code snippets are almost never shown, and on the rare occasions they do show up, they do nothing at all.  And even simply creating or editing posts often either fails completely or works incorrectly. I've found I've had to use IE 11 if I want these things to work correctly (though it's certainly possible that Chrome or other browsers would work as well).

This could well be caused by the specific sets of addons I have installed in Firefox, but rather than randomly disabling addons in a trial and error process, I wonder if anyone has experienced this issue with Firefox and already knows what to do. How about it?

Update: The "expand" and "popup" buttons actually are present and working using Firefox, but until just now I didn't realize this.  The reason I didn't see them is because, while present, one has to horizontal scroll for a ridiculous distance to the right to see them!  It's as if Firefox thinks that the code box contains immensely long text, thousands of characters worth.  How odd!

And so far, disabling addons has not resolved these problems.

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