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_WinAPI_SetWinowPos access denied

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Any idea why _WinAPI_SetWindowPos() fails with access denied when trying to use it with windows osk?


#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>


$OSK = "On-Screen Keyboard"
$OSK_Handle = WinGetHandle($OSK)
$OSK_State = WinGetState($OSK)

;$Help_Handle = WinGetHandle("AutoIt Help")

;If BitAND($OSK_State, 16) Then
    _WinAPI_SetWindowPos ( $OSK_Handle,  $HWND_TOPMOST, 100, 60, 300, 100, $SWP_HIDEWINDOW )
    MsgBox(0,_WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage(), _WinAPI_GetLastError())

Is the only work around to use WinSetState() and WinMove()?


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I tried your code but the MsgBox gave an error 5 access denied. Then I tried adding the #RequireAdmin keyword and it works fine. Apparently you need to be working from the admin userspace (not entirely sure if that's the right term though) to access that API call for the OSK.

/edit: I'm working on a fresh Windows 10 Home with all the security settings pertaining to user permissions and such on default.

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