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New to auto-it and have a question. I am a student taking a summer class on auto-it and have been tasked with coming up with a script to send an email to a gmail account and have that account print attachments using auto-it.

I am no programmer by any stretch of the mind. Not looking for someone to give me the scripts, just help on where to get started and guidance along the way.

So basically you would email your pdf or word doc to the gmail account, from that point the gmail would open the attachment and print it either as a word of pdf.

Any suggestions on where to start? I have been looking over the tutorials and they are great, I have learned more about scripting/programming with autoit then I did in an entire java class.


thank you,


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Thank you for pointing me in a direction. Like i said i am no programmer or anything like that. But my professor and the IT dept came up with a seminar class for me this summer.

So i am learning as i go and its been an eye opening experience. I dont want someone to give me the script but guide me in the right direction and this is a good start.

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