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user database windows

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I want to create a tool wich can run programs as admin and so make the user run as non administrator.

Not much trouble with run as feature.

But I want ot make the program adjustable for admin so they can login and change wich programs are allowed to be run as admin (certain programs refuse to work without administrator login).

I also wanted the admin to be able to choose the user or group from wich to choose wich he or she change setting to.

So that you have differend menus per user.

But I cannot find how to get the user list grouplist or if a user is member of a group.

One macro allready says wich username is loggedin but I still need what group he or she is member of.

And if the admin is logged in to the program I also need the grouplist en userlist.

Does anyone know how to get this information from the windows user database?

Using a DLL or some command?

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You could use "Ifmember.exe" which returns the group membership.


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