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Internet Explorer_Server from Camfrog ver 6

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PTP admin. Thank you. 

Hello admins and users. Newbie here.

Can I ask for help regarding these handles.

How can I get text and send text from the chat room itself? 

To be honest, I have no idea on how to program. But I have a friend that has the idea on how to program using the VB.NET Language. (I told him to create a trivia bot but he doesn't know how to send text and get text from these handles. All he knows is the RichText and Edit controls not IE_Server Controls)


Can someone please help?  Here are the sample photos that I've taken.


This is the Chat Board where "Internet Explorer_Server Instance: 2" 

Tree Handles: #32770>#32770>CSplitterCtrlsTS>CSplitterCtrlsTS>CSplitterCtrlsTS>#32770>AtlAxWinLic110>Shell Embedding>Shell DocObject View>Internet Explorer_Server



This is the Message Board "Internet Explorer_Server Instance: 3"

Tree Handles: #32770>#32770>CSplitterCtrlsTS>#32770>AtlAxWinLic110>Shell Embedding>Shell DocObject View>Internet Explorer_Server



Can someone please provide a code for this handles? Thank you. 

Some people says that you're gonna parse it to get and send text and I dont have any idea.

Thank you so much. If the program is finished, I'll credit someone who will help me us. Thank you!

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