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Novato in trouble

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Hello my name is Ovidio, I am new to programming, I do not have much knowledge told them about my experience, ask for your help and please be specific and patient in their instructions please explain them:
I'm quriendo create an executable script to make a very basic unattended installation of a program called MEXPOST, the program by giving 2 clicks connects to the portal creator download the setup mexpostclient installer program,

the program can be downloaded from the following site:


then download report viewer microsoft visual studio 2010, requested an authorization to download a program unsigned and concludes the installation (Sounds very simple) the problem is that in trying to run it on other machines over a network or carry the executable to the target machine starts well and stops at the second screen, the script I did it with AutoRecord, when compiling the program marks an error and makes me a symbol as oriental in a line that is not specified either, when you run the program to reach the second window is pasma and it does nothing. I ask for your help and please have specific and objectives please.

The idea I have is to have the script already running at 100 and send it by System Center 2012  configuration Manager  and distributed in 50 teams I require only that the script work, the installer program will have on a server in a shared folder.

Thanks for your help. Annex the program code.
Novato in trouble


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