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With the Tidy program can the following be addressed :


  • Title Just Provide Script name and not the Path
  • When a line of code is to long to fit on one line indent the following line
  • Turn off the formatting that generates the below
    • 00046  +
      00047  |    
      00048  |  +-   
  • Set up the Program so the headers is repeated on each page with page numbers ( i.e Page 1 of 7)
  • Start the Xref details on a new Page
  • in the xref details only provide details on Variables

I'm looking to use the results from the Tidy generated listing for Documentation purposes

Is the source Code available for the Tidy Program ?

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  • Developers

Guess your questions are all around the /gen_doc or /gd option?
The output file generated is not intended to be formatted for printing as such, just a file which merely shows the different loops and xref tables for variables and UDFs.
So that sort of answers most of your above questions and the source is closed and ONLY known by me. Tidy originally was written in AutoIt3 and that source probably is still around somewhere, but was changed to BCX for speed purposes.


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