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Add "create new powershell script" to context menu new submenu

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I hope that I phrased the topic correctly.  Anyway, I have been investigating a way to be able to generate a powershell script using the context menu like you would a txt file or an autoit script, and I found my answer.  If you would like to do the same, you will need two things:

1) the attachment on this post

2) Right click enhancer software   (http://rbsoft.org/downloads/right-click-enhancer)

First, unzip the zip file attached to the post, choose one of the two folders (really doesn't matter), and in that folder, run "Install.cmd".  Confirm and complete the process.  Once that is done, install or unzip Right click enhancer, then go to "new menu editor".  In this window, sort the view by the extension and scroll to the p's, where you should (only if you installed the template) the ps1 file extension disabled.  Select it, then click the green check button at top of screen, and viola.  Instant powershell script creation instead of creating txt, renaming it, changing extension confirming.....zzzzzzzz.  Enjoy.



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