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Automation for modifying hardware settings in device manager properties

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Hey all.  So I am working on a project right now which involves keeping the machines within a local area network at hundreds of geographic locations throughout the country powered on at all times.  The main focus of the project being instances were the location loses power and either the UPS dies or the site didn't have a ups to begin with, because I can tell you, nothing is more frustrating than having to waste 30 + minutes of my valuable time holding the hand of literally a member of the dumbest group of individuals to walk the planet while they go to each of the devices and press the power button (Oohhh noooo.  This is soo difficult!!!  There is a whole button I have to press!?!?!?  Someone please help me!!).  It is this frustration which motivated this project.  Here is the breakdown: this is a store setting with at most 5 registers running xp and and one Dell OptiPlex 890 or 980 "server" running windows 7 on which sales, hours, etc are processed for that location.  The plan would first start with the creation of a executable "package" built with Dells tool "Dell Command | Configure" which would enable the BIOS feature in the Dell "server" devices at each location to power back on when AC power is detected following an improper shutdown.  I embed this in a "master" autoit script, which will be deployed to and run from the Dell "server" for each location.  Then, the master script will then place another script I write in the startup folder of the dell "server" machine, launch it,  then delete itself.  This startup script will have Nirsoft's tool "WakemeonLAN" embedded in it and will use it to not only obtain the network information for all of the other devices in the local area network and write the info to a file (autoit script will re-run scan every once in a while to verify the contents of the file match the actual environment), but will use the info in that file to send Wake on LAN packets to any device that is not online.  Pretty good idea if I do say so myself, but with one snag....  For the register devices, WakeonLan settings within the NIC card settings in device manager are not enabled, thus throwing a major wrench into half my plan.  I saw there was a hardware manager UDF on the Wiki, but it has since died as it is no longer available for download.  So, fellow AutoIt scripters, I present the following questions (the two attached pictures show the problem and where the settings are located):

1) Does anyone have this udf tucked away somewhere and can reupload it?   

2) Would this udf help me accomplish what I am trying to accomplish (if I were to remotely execute it using psexec from dell machine)?

3) If not, can this task be accomplished at all?  What method/tools if so?



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