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Compiler Attaches FULL Source Code to COMPILED FILE

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As in topic - all source code is attached into compiled file. Why? I guess for debugs (on messageboxes with errors from AutoIt3 you can see your code with placed where te error is).

Is it possible to turn off the AutoIt error messaging? Is it possible to turn off adding source code?!

The main problem is that, you can see ALL SOURCE with a stupid application memory editor...

For what is the option "Decompile" (passworded) if source code can be read without knowing the password.

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Sorry, can't find. Used search function 15+ times, with other words.

If you are thinking about specific Thread, redirect me there.

Mybe I have used wrong Keywords.


Read the thread at the link below, it is a broad ranging discussion of the issues surrounding your topic. For additional discussion/comments/diatribes, search for "decompiler".

Discussion of AutoIt decompiler issues that begins with a very biased poll.


[font="Verdana"]Thanks for the response.Gene[/font]Yes, I know the punctuation is not right...

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