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Problem using Winsock with Autoit

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Hello folks!

I'm new with AutoIt and I'm facing a problem trying to find information on how can I use Winsock functions with it. I'm trying to write a function that gets the IP Address of a given url, but I don't know how can I declare the hostent structure:

struct hostent {

char FAR * h_name; /* official name of host */

char FAR * FAR * h_aliases; /* alias list */

short h_addrtype; /* host address type */

short h_length; /* length of address */

char FAR * FAR * h_addr_list; /* list of addresses */

#define h_addr h_addr_list[0]


Any help?

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1. Grab the beta version

2. Look up TCPNameToIP

3. Shout "Thank you Larry" very VERY loudly. (Larry seems to do most of the TCP dev work - Apologies if I've credited the wrong person!)


Can't help you with defining struct's - I'm new to Au3 myself B) - but if all you need is the IP, the code below may help. (I used some imagination based on the _GetIP function) It's not exactly elegant, but may be a way around a problem. It requires the server to reply to Ping requests, which makes it unreliable in all circumstances:

msgbox (0, "IP of URL", _GetIPofHost("www.google.com"))

Func _GetIPofHost($hostname)
    Dim $ipinfo
    Dim $x
    Dim $y
;pipe the result of ping to file
    RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & "ping -n 1 " & $hostname & " > " & @TempDir & "\~i.tmp", @TempDir, @SW_HIDE)
;read and delete temp file
    $ipinfo = FileRead(@TempDir & "\~i.tmp", FileGetSize(@TempDir & "\~i.tmp"))
    FileDelete(@TempDir & "\~i.tmp")
;this next bit is nasty...needs a better Autoit user to clean up with a RegEx or something!
    $x = StringInStr($ipinfo,"[") + 1
    $y = StringInStr($ipinfo,"]") - $x
    $ipinfo = stringmid($ipinfo, $x, $y)
    Return $ipinfo

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You credit the right person for TCP

UDP is /dev/null B)

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