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windows service print file

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i'm new to this forum, so i'm not sure if it is the right thread for this.

thank you for all the answers.


here is my issue:

i created a windows service that runs an exe file. 

the code does some stuff, but somewhere in there i also want to do a print of a file.

if i run the exe file with the right click and run as administrator, it works fine, but if i run it through a windows service, it doesn't.  everything else is done except printing of a file. i also tried without UAC, just to be sure if it has something to do with it. it doesn't.

i'm printing a pdf file, so i'm using acrobat reader as a default. does it have to do something with the version? i checked the task manager, and acrobat reader is opened and closed as it should be when run through a win service.

when run as "run as admin.." it also opens in the task manager, but also opens/closes the file. so i can actually see the file.

the service is run by a local administrator, the same one that does "run as administrator" stuff.


thank you


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