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Extracting info from Image.

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I was just wondering if its possible to perform the following task in AutoIt.

1. I am working on linux and have a c++ program.
2. I need to extract some information from a third party software which is in the form of image, plz find attached.
3. I need to confirm that the hand, which can be seen in the picture is always in the window when given some point values.
4. Important thing to notice is the palm of the hand which is in blue color.
5. So, a check need to be made on either the whole hand in the window or just the blue color of the palm, ignoring the fingers.

My expectation from AutoIt are to either perform color identification or pattern identification.

Is it possible to create a particular pattern around the hand / palm or detect color from an image and then return a value as true or false to the main process in c++ program?

Thank you


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21 minutes ago, Pain said:

The functions mentioned solves a part of the problem, not the whole. Important thing to notice is what if at a certain point half of the palm is shown in the window and half is not? I am only interested in recording a value when the whole palm is shown in any orientation in the window.

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