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Dynamic HTML scripting using IE.au3

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So i have been scripting for a while using Autoit and until now i wasnt having any dificulties. Im trying to make a script that goes into this website and likes an specific amount of images

The problem is that, when you scroll down in the website, it keeps showing you more and more images BUT the html changes so in the html you can only find the ones that are currently on your view, so its like it may be always the same divs but the content changes.

I cant explain myself too clearly, but what i would like to try and do would be to stop this javascript or something that is always showing me more images, OR is there a way to trick the brower/website into thinking i have a screen resolution that i specify?

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I think ive found a way:

The sites HTML has two div elements that have a variant height, if i delete the "data-react-id" from those divs the site stops loading new images, how can i erase this attribute? Because i can get information from the element such as Class Name, Innertext, etc but there is no div.data-react-id = "", is there another way to change an attribute from an HTML element?

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