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I would like to create an application written in Autoit which can auto login to various websites using Chrome web browser. I don't want use Send() function to type text (username and password) as this is not safe solution to input text in the input field (in my opinion). Rather than send text I would like to "set text" on specified input field.

Does anyone have any idea or ready example?

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The look at IUIAutomation, that is going to be your only other avenue. Just be prepared for the additional complexity it brings.

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What do you mean with


is not safe solution to input text in the input field

  • Nothing is safe in html (or even in all userspace of windows all keys can be hooked on memory examined)
  • not even in a password box its easy to switch type from password to plain text
  • and as it seems your application has a list of users/passwords its not secure it all :)
  • trick to make it little safer is when you type passwords to type in between dummy keys on other window or use dummy keys and then backspace them out
    so like ss{backspace}ee{backspace}cc{backspace}rr{backspace}ee{backspace}t

I answered with code over here 


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