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Hi everyone,

I have a very little of knowledge in auto it. My idea is too provide a little tool for bad seing persons (daltonian and old persons). As they can't read some internet webpage depending on the colors displayed or internet slang used (lol etc...).

I'm actually stuggling on a way to modify the display of an HTML page (text, text color). I've tried by using memory edition without any results. Any suggestion?

Thanks for reading my post

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Modify it how: increase zoom, change color scheme, etc.? Please be specific in what you're trying to accomplish.

If all you want to do is increase the zoom, you can just do this:

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate("www.Google.com")
$oIE.Document.Body.Style.Zoom = "200%"


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-I would like to modify the value of a given texte. For example if I found the word "lol" replace it by lot of laught. 


-I would also like to modify the color of different parameters example. For a daltonian who sees the blue color as red and red color as blue. I will modify the blue texte by red and red text by blue. Same will be for the background colors of a table or page body.


Thanks for your reply

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There's probably already addons to do that in firefox and/or chrome.

Here's one for changing colors


You can use Greasemonkey (firefox plugin) to create your own custom script to change webpages too. Might be easier/more convenient.


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