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How to scale down larger picture ?

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by default the func

do resize zoom in or out on the image to fit the

GuiCtrlCreatePic() SIZE. you can after rezise the box but the image don't resize from original but from previous resize!

exemple you open a 1024x768 jpg file in a 320x240GuiCtrlCreatePic() after you resize the box at 640x480 then you got a 320x240 image resolution zoomed a 640x480. the result is not very nice! the solution reside in: deleting the GuiCtrlCreatePic() and recreate a new one for the updated size! more slower but better quality!

and check the function "GUICtrlSetResizing ( controlID, resizing )" with beta version by default it off.

and if! your question was not for gui but a resize on the image file! search for ImageMagik pretty nice command tool to play with any image! easy to add in autoit! and capture progress% with the StdoutRead().

if you nead more help ask! maybe i can wrote you some line! to help start!

bye bye!

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