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FF.au3 plus iMacros

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Hi guys,I'd really like to know if it is possible to start a macro with the command _FFStart() or _FFOpenUrl() by the UDF FF.au3..

It seems that both the commands can't recognize the double dot (:) in the url and that they can't open an url that doesn't start with www. or http or anyone else protocol.

I suck at JS so I didn't try with a js script ;P

Then I wanted to know if there is a way to let the @SW_HIDE command work (lol)..seems that it doesn't work at all.

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What does the "macro" / "URL" look like that you are trying to start?

  • why start it with a UDF designed for manipulating web protocols?

@sw_hide should work on any window you can get a a handle for....

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