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time move

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i have this javascript code i want it change autoit canyone can do it for me?

this javascript make remove 45sec timer when i click dotp this code remove 45sec timer




document.getElementById("timemove").onclick = function() { 

o_check = document.getElementById('timemove').value; 
$('.dotp').css('display', '');
$('#timemove').prop('disabled', false);
$('#timer_msg').html('<input name="submit" id="btn" type="submit" class="btn-primary" value="Submit">'); 
document.getElementById("timemove").disabled = false;



 can anyone convert it autoit?

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@rafath this forum is dedicated to helping people with their own scripts; it is not a buffet where you place an order and someone barfs up code for you. Why don't you show what effort you have done on your own toward converting this?

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