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GUI app sometimes ignores/misses mouse click?

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Occasionally, my Event Mode GUI app appears to either ignore, or fails to see, a mouse click. The control is created via GUICtrlCreatePic(), and is used for indicating that the app should process the next item.  There is no difference in the code or "code path" between a "next" mouse click that works and one that is ignored/missed; it's not as if the app is performing some work in one case that it's not in the other.  And there is no other app competing with this one, and the computer is plenty fast.  This happens approximately 10-20% of the time, so it is not rare.

I would have thought this to be virtually impossible, since I understood that events such as mouse clicks are queued and always "seen" eventually. Am I in error in this belief? What can prevent a mouse click event from being queued and soon recognized and processed?


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I've never had that happen before. Could you post the code so we can try to reproduce the error?

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