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I'm working on a tool for some basic printer installations. I have a general idea of how I want to accomplish this within Powershell. I am having difficulties invoking these commands via autoit. A powershell script is not applicable here. Below is basically what the end goal is:


Invoke-Command {pnputil.exe -a "driverpath/file.inf"}
Add-PrinterDriver -Name "SHARP MX-4140N PCL6"
Get-PrinterDriver -Name "SHARP MX-4140N PCL6"
Add-PrinterPort -Name "PSOCE2S" -PrinterHostAddress "PSOCE2S"
Add-Printer -Name "PSOCE2S" -PortName "PSOCE2S" -DriverName "SHARP MX-4140N PCL6"


I tried this sort of approach without much luck:

send('Invoke-Command {pnputil.exe -a "driverpath\file.inf"}' & "{ENTER}")

... without much luck. Is there a better way to go about this?

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You say a powershell is not applicable, does this mean you want to do it natively in AutoIt? If so, do a forum search for the Printers UDF.

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