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So, working on a project. 

Brain storming a way to get my firefighters and paramedics to give me better IT tickets, they currently 99% of the time just send an email to our ticketing system and it creates a ticket. The issue is that they almost always leave out a lot of important information because the email is only giving me the title and body.


I want to add extra stuff like computer name, ip address, etc.  That I can grab with Autoit.


The idea is to build a ticket submission GUI and have it put together the email in a structure that I want, and then send it in and the GUI will have the code to pull computer information and required fields for the user that fill in.


This would be trivial with the outlook.udf I could even automate sending the message.  The issue is that most of the staff do not use outlook they use webmail.

This is where I am now stuck, I guess I would have to move into browser automation and other tricks to work with this, but I do not want to leave much of this process in the users hands so that they can mess it up or have to figure it out.

Any bright ideas or simple concepts I am overlooking?  

I cant just use SMTP and send because it does need to come from the users email, the tickets and stuff are tracked based on submitter email.

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Hi ViciousXUSMC,

I don't know if this is of help:


We use this at work to send alerts to our support desk based on certain events from our client PCs and it works well.

It is pretty flexible and you can customize the From/To/Name/Subject/Body etc. You might consider running your own SMTP relay if you have a VPS which you can setup with authentications and put those credentials in the function.

Kindest regards,


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