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Interacting with elements inside a browser using AUTOIT

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Its my first time here ! Greetings.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use Autoit to drag one web-element to another inside a browser window(Chrome). Doing this with the selenium webdriver is easy, since it has inbuilt actions that do drag and drop. But, the webpage I am working on right now has some issue , the same drag and drop code that works on other websites doesn't work on this one. 

So i was thinking of using Autoit to :

1) Select the Chrome window

2) Go to element in position x1,y1 click and hold mouse ( I am using getlocation() to get coordinates, this seems to obtain relative coordinates)

3) move mouse to position x2,y2 and then release mouse

Is this possible using Autoit ? Sorry if this is a noob question.





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